Saint Ekaterina Hotel – Romanticism from another Era

The romantic aspect of Tuscany, Italy has been transformed to an interior solution in the Balkan Mountains in a village called Ribaritsa, near the town of Teteven in Bulgaria. The interior of the lobby and the restaurant of Saint Ekaterina are in Arte Povera Style which resembles that of the picturesque houses in the Italian countryside.

The techniques and finishing touches used for the production of these furniture items belong both to the past and to the latest trends in furniture design. The combination of these two aspects is what allows the elements of this interior to blend so perfectly and bring uniqueness to the hotel as well.

The hotel often hosts events and is constantly booked because of its excellent location and service. Despite the great number of people that visit it, the furniture there is still in perfect condition to this day. We hope that you get a chance to see it for yourself and enjoy a pleasant vacation in the Balkan Mountains.